Six Months Going on Seven


Nothing prepared me for how sweet our son would be. My husband laughs because I’m always asking him, “Can you believe how sweet he is? Can you believe he’s ours?” He is officially seven months old, so here are seven things I don’t want to ever forget about this sweet boy at this moment in time.

1. His eyelashes are a mile long, like my husband’s. When he cries, his tears pool in his lashes, clumping them together.

2. When we lift him out of his crib every morning, he gives us a huge smile before turning his head away in shyness.

3. He has started to do a deep belly laugh. More often than that though, he does a silent, open mouth laugh, throwing his head back.

4. His miniature hands are like perfect starfish, always reaching to hold my hands or memorize the shape of my face with the pads of his fingers.

5. His feet chubby feet resemble a pastry piping bag that’s a little too full of frosting.

6. He loves to “stand” on his changing table and does the sweetest little jig, so proud of himself.

7. When rock him in my arms, telling him that I love him, his dark eyes stare, unblinking, up at me.

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